The Journey


Larry & Fran

younger years…

Larry missed his oncologist visit, he can’t walk but a few steps before collapsing.  He’s not eating.  He’s drinking very little.  The Hospice nurse is coming in today.  

Hospice is it’s not always about the end of life, they can be a huge support to the entire family, much more than what I’ll call “regular” nursing visits.   They ended up being an incredible blessing.  We, both Larry and I, couldn’t have gone through this process as beautifully as we did without their support.

The missed oncology visit was frustrating.  But Larry wasn’t going to tolerate any treatments.  He’s so weak.  He’s stopped walking.  He’s speaking very little.

I’m putting one step ahead of the other, baby steps.  I don’t know what else to do.

He looks like he just came out of a concentration camp.  My once strong husband who was in command of vacations, camping trips, our home care is wasting away.  Slowly he is shrinking and becoming more silent.

I’m tired.  I’m scared.  

Sadie-dog died the month Larry was diagnosed.  She had a chronic kidney stone problem and it really flared up last Sunday evening.   Sunday night when she was getting so sick, she laid next to me on the floor and moaned like a human being.  It was heartbreaking.  She died the next day, I was by her side.

Larry would see her after that…he said she was running around the house all night.  I think she was waiting for him, to be by his side as he made his journey up to heaven.