One of the most difficult things to do is talk about yourself, but since this is an “About” page, I’ll keep my word and tell you about me.

I’m a Registered Nurse and Certified Wellness Coach.  I am passionate about coaching, and supporting others through that dark, lonely tunnel of a major loss.  A loss that changed everything!  Until you experience it, none can imagine the loneliness and isolation.  It’s a journey of tears, regrets, deep sadness, anger, and new realities.  It’s also a time when you need self-care, trusting God, reaching out, and sometimes hiding out under the blankets with a half gallon of ice cream.

Through my own losses and grief, I have experienced a process to release old habits and beliefs that stalled my enjoyment of life and well-being, transforming me into a powerful and compassionate guide for others who are ready to reclaim their energy, creativity, and discover the next new path for which they were uniquely created.

I have extensive experience in a process of coaching that is simple and empowering.   One which allows the person being coached to enter into their thoughts and feelings deeply, without judgment, shame or reliving the trauma.   Be assured, it is always a safe and confidential environment.  How do I know coaching works?  I’ve had my coach for over five years!  Coaching is empowering.

I’ve been trained by the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI);  Judy Rees in “Clean Language”;  Gina Campbell, “Mining Your Metaphors”;  GE Wood, “Coaching For Clarity and Momentum” and the International Association of Wellness Professionals.   

Even though my spiritual beliefs are deeply embedded in the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, I welcome, respect and embrace the individual and their beliefs. 

In coaching, it’s all about you.  I do not carry a personal agenda into the coaching session but rather focuses entirely on you:  your dreams, your goals, your frame of reference. 

Contact me with any questions or better yet,  schedule a complimentary discovery call and begin the process of healing. Just click the “BOOK” button above.

Photograph by Jackie Hird Photography, St. Augustine, Florida